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SpinZone Austin North Wash and Fold Service


We are your personal timesaver!

How much more convenient could it get?

SpinZone North Austin Wash & Fold Fees

Starting at $1.07 per pound of clothing (10 lb. minimum)

All loads are weighed, sorted and separated while dry.

  • Drop off your order before 10 a.m. and it will be ready the same day!
  • Our staff will wash, dry and fold or hang your clean laundry at no additional cost.
  • We supply the laundry detergents and softeners and only use premium-name brands.

Compare that to the 2+ hours per load it would take at home to wash, dry and fold before it all wrinkles.

Compare that to the personal cost of water and electricity per load.

Compare that to the value of your time.

 Use our Wash and Fold service when you have an overwhelming week, or on special occasions.

Austin Comforters Fees

Any Size $15.00 each

Down $25.00 each

Blankets, rugs and other household items are individually priced.

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